Presentations Auckland 2011

Listed below are the oral and poster presentations from the 2011 annual IPSO congress, held in Auckland, New Zealand.

The presentations which you can access are highlighted in blue.

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IPSO Symposium: Surgical Management of Complications in Paediatric Oncology

IPSO/PBC session

  • IPSO 013: The results of treatment of children with metastatic Wilms tumours in an African Setting. Daniel Aronson, Netherlands
  • IPSO 014: Toxicity of hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy in paediatric patients with sarcomatosis: early experience and phase 1 results. Andrea Hayes-Jordan, USA
  • IPSO 015: Outcomes of surgical excision of Ewing sarcoma of rib. Sajid Qureshi, India
  • IPSO 016: Central venous catheter-related bloodstream infection at the paediatric hemato-oncology unit, Soroka University Medical Center, Beer-Sheva, Israel (1998-2008). Nitza Heiman-Newman, Israel

Oral Presentations

  • IPSO 001: Surgery for Wilm’s tumors with thrombosis. Andrey Ryabov, Russia
  • IPSO 002: Clear cell sarcoma of kidney: a single center experience. Gayatri Munghate, India
  • IPSO 003: Assessment of protocol violations in local treatment for RMS and RMS-like patients. Jan Godzinski, Poland
  • IPSO 004: Review of local treatment in 11 consecutive RMS and RMS-like patients aged under 3 years and treated according to CWS 2002 protocol. Jan Godzinski, Poland
  • IPSO 005: Differential expression of invasion promoting genes in childhood rhabdomyosarcoma. Guido Seitz, Germany (IPSO prize winner)
  • IPSO 006: Rarity of indication for surgical treatment for infantile haemangiomas after introduction of propranalol. Katarzyna Bilska, Poland
  • IPSO 007: Paper not presented
  • IPSO 008: Endoscopic surgery in children’s oncology. Andrey Ryabov, Russia
  • IPSO 009: Pulmonary metastatectomy in pediatric solid tumors. Ankur Mandelia, India
  • IPSO 010: Surgical management strategies for malignant thoracic wall tumors in children. Guido Seitz, Germany
  • IPSO 011: Extracorporeal irradiated autogenous tumor bone graft- a resonstruction option for diaphyseal tumors. Ashish Gulia, India
  • IPSO 012: Paediatric diaphyseal malignant tumors- is intercalary resection safe and options for reconstruction. Ashish Gulia, India
  • IPSO 017: Adrenocortical tumours in children: AIIMS experience. Gayatri Munghate, India
  • IPSO 018: Neuroblastoma: Outcome over a 14 year period from AIIMS NB 96 protocol. Ankur Mandelia, India
  • IPSO 019: Neuroblastoma 4S: outcome from AIIMS NB 96 study. Sandeep Agarwala, India
  • IPSO 020: Efficacy and long term outcome of laparoscopic adrenalectomy for neuroblastic tumours. Yves Heloury, Australia
  • IPSO 021: Unexpected and unexplained mortality after extended neuroblastoma resections- a proposal for concerted research. Hugo Heij, Netherlands
  • IPSO 023: Surgical interventions strategies for paediatric ovarian tumours: from the experience of 60 cases in one institution. Tatsuro Tajiri
  • IPSO 024: Surgery in patients with testicular malignant germ cell tumours: compliance to surgical guidelines and results in the Italian cooperative study. Giovanni Cecchetto, Italy
  • IPSO 025: Paper not presented
  • IPSO 026: Malignant salivary gland tumors in children. Sajid Qureshi, India

Poster Presentations

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