IPSO Scholarship

IPSO Scholarship

IPSO is offering two scholarships to help a young surgeon to attend the Annual Meeting. Please visit our website for regular updates and applications details.


To be considered for this scholarship the applicant must be:

  • 40 years or younger
  • Comes from a low income or low-middle income country (based on World Bank list)
  • Provide a letter from the Head of Department confirming his/ her surgical status and stating that the applicant is not receiving other financial support to attend the Congress.
  • Must have his/her abstract accepted for oral presentation at the Annual Congress.
  • A photocopy of their passport to confirm personal details.

The scholarship includes:

  • Annual Meeting Registration
  • Ticket for the Annual Dinner
  • Up to €1500 towards travel, accommodation & subsistence

To be eligible the surgeon must have an abstract accepted for oral or poster presentation at the meeting. Use this link if you want to find out more.

IPSO Scholarship

Past Scholarship Recipients

To be considered for the scholarship all you have to do is tick the relevant box when you submit your abstract. If you have a problem please e-mail the IPSO secretary at the time you submit your abstract, registering your wish to be considered. You will also need to provide the secretary with information which will confirm your eligibility- all the details are found in the download above. The Scholarship will be offered to the eligible applicant with the highest abstract score. The scorers are blinded to the authorship of abstracts, ensuring that there is no bias. In order to be eligible the surgeon must come from a low or low-middle income country. Click the link to find a list of low & low-middle income countries.

List of countries eligible for scholarship