Payments and Renewals

Membership Payments and Renewals

The current annual membership fee for IPSO is 80 euros*. Collection of subscriptions is carried out by the IPSO secretariat.

For new members apply for membership, using the link:
Apply for Membership

For existing members, apply for renewal, using the link:
Renew Membership

If you need to contact  IPSO  with queries about your active membership, please use the following email address:, please note new members must email to for any query relation to a new membership.

* There is a deduction of 50% for young surgeons and low income countries.

If you wish to know about IPSO membership categories and benefits, click to read more about membership benefits.

If you wish to know about how to join IPSO membership or may have any other membership and payment related questions, click to to know more about IPSO membership.