Constitution and Bylaws Committee

  1. Objective
    • Review the Constitution & Bylaws of IPSO.
    • Recommend any amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws to ensure that they reflect the current practice in IPSO.
  2. Composition
    • The committee shall comprise of 2 members, namely the Secretary and President of IPSO.
  3. Responsibilities
    • The committee shall review the IPSO Constitution & Bylaws to ensure that they reflect current practice, and recommend any proposed changes to the EC for discussion.
    • After the EC’s discussion, final approval for amendment must be given at by the active membership at a ballot. A simple majority’s approval (>50%) at the ballot must be obtained before the changes to the IPSO Constitution & Bylaws can be effected.
  4. Meetings
    • The Constitution & Bylaws Committee shall meet as often as required.