1. Objective
    • To engage young surgeons with interest in paediatric surgical oncology
    • To nurture and develop the potential of young surgeons in IPSO by providing appropriate guidance and resources
  2. Composition
    • The program shall admit members with the following conditions:
      • Surgeons and residents with inclination for paediatric surgical oncology
      • Age 40 or below. The age criteria shall be flexible to include members who have taken career-breaks. The management committee will review and approve these on a case-by-case basis.
    • A Management Committee that comprises of 5 members shall be formed and shall report to the IPSO Executive Council. The committee shall be represented by members from the 5 continents of North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa.
    • A Chairman shall be appointed by the IPSO President.
  3. Responsibilities
    • Develop a network for young surgeons
    • Develop a program for the Pre-meeting Education Day with the contents dedicated to the IPSO Young Surgeons. The development of the program shall be done in consultation with the Chair of Program Committee.
    • Explore opportunities to engage and collaborate with SIOP YI (SIOP Young Investigators) network.
  4. Meetings
    • The IPSO Young Surgeons’ Committee shall meet as often as required.