SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital

SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital
  1. Name of institution: SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital
  2. Type of Programme: We offer two different programs so we can accomodate different backgrounds due to Spanish employment regulations:
    1. Is this a Paediatric Surgical Oncology Programme? Pediatric Surgical Oncology Fellowship. Funded. Must have EU recognized Pediatric Surgery Diploma and EU Passport or residency.
    2. Is this part of a Paediatric General Surgery Programme?Pediatric Surgical Oncology Master by University of Barcelona. Non-funded. Must have EU validated Medical Diploma.
  3. Duration of Programme:
    12 months. Positions usually run from June-June but are negotiable.
  4. Hands-on? Yes
  5. Brief description of Programme (Limit 250 words)
    The Pediatric Surgical Oncology Fellowship at SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital is a unique fellowship in Europe that offers broad exposure to the spectrum of surgical management of pediatric oncologic disease. The unit is integrated between the Pediatric Surgery Department and Pediatric Oncology Service and participates in the acute care management and supportive interventions of patients with both solid and liquid malignancies. Fellows are exposed to patients with neuroblastoma, Wilms tumors, hepatic tumors, sarcoma tumors and other solid malignancies of childhood in one the biggest pediatric surgical oncology programs in Southern Europe. The Pediatric Surgical Oncology fellow will work closely with the three attending pediatric surgical oncologists, as well as with the Pediatric Surgery Department and Pediatric Oncology staff in the management of patients. There is also ample opportunity for clinical research. All applicants must have excellent mastery of English language and at least basic Spanish, empathy toward children, and the ability to handle difficult psychological and emotional circumstances surrounding pediatric cancer. The Hospital is located in the vibrant and cosmopolitan city of Barcelona, in the Pedralbes neighborhood, close to FCB Stadium, a pleasant and well communicated residential area. Salary is provided to the fellow according to Spanish standards. The Fellow must cover calls in the Pediatric Surgery Department that are paid accordingly to the number taken.
  6. Application
    One trainee will be accepted into this programme per year. Main intake is in June. Entry into the programme at other times is subject to availability.
  7. Entry Requirements:
    Fellowship: EU Pediatric Surgery Medical Diploma and EU Passport or Residency. Master: EU validated Medical Diploma (Pediatric Surgery Diploma does not have to be validated by EU)
  8. Funded: The Fellowship is fully funded, the Master can be partially funded with local employment agreements
  9. Programme director or contact person, contact details
    Dr. Lucas Krauel MD, PhD, FACS, FEBPS
    Pediatric Surgical Oncology Program Director