KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital

KK Women and Children Hospital
  1. Name of institution: BKK Women’s and Children’s Hospital
  2. Type of Programme
    1. Is this a Paediatric Surgical Oncology Programme? Yes
    2. Is this part of a Paediatric General Surgery Programme?
      The program integrates a 3-month out-rotation to general pediatric surgery, though there is a separate Program within the department for general pediatric surgery and pediatric urology. The two programs are distinct and fellows are admitted to either one of the two.
  3. Duration of Programme:
    1 year. The year-long training program constitutes a 9-month rotation in pediatric surgical oncology and a 3-month rotation in general pediatric surgery.
  4. Hands-on? Yes
  5. Brief description of Programme (Limit 250 words)
    The aim of this fellowship is to provide clinical and academic training to junior pediatric surgeons, particularly those coming from resource-challenged settings, with a special focus on pediatric surgical oncology.
    This program aims to address the gap in childhood cancer care outcomes particularly in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC), by training subspecialty professionals required to advance the care of pediatric surgery and surgical oncology in these countries. Since 2013, the department at KKH has trained pediatric surgery fellows from all over Asia. Similarly, doctors who complete this subspecialty training program will return to their home countries with the newly gained expertise and experience to enhance their center’s clinical and research capabilities in the care of children with cancer.
    Trainees are integrated into our pediatric surgical teams. The year-long program provides training in the following areas:
    • Clinical training in the management of patients with childhood cancer and related conditions
    • Operative skills related to vascular access, and diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for common childhood tumors
    • Educational activities including weekly didactic teaching, journal clubs, tumor boards and educational seminars (local and international)
    • Execution of a research project with aim of submission for publication and presentation
    Candidates who will benefit most from this program are typically junior surgeons working in hospitals with a pediatric oncology service, and should have completed post-graduate training in pediatric surgery in his/her country of origin, and may have some experience working as a junior attending in his/her hospital.
    For more information please see: https://www.kkh.com.sg/education-training/training-fellowships/clinical-fellowship-in-paediatric-surgery-and-paediatric-surgical-oncology
  6. Application
    1. Open application – Commencement date
      One trainee will be accepted into this programme per year. Main intake is in July. Entry into the programme at other times is subject to availability.
    2. Limited to matched paediatric surgery programmes: No
  7. Entry Requirements:
    Candidates must:
    • be recommended by their respective Head of Department OR at least two referees chosen by the applicant;
    • have a good general knowledge of English;
    • provide a letter of good standing from own country’s licensing authority;
    • return to their parent hospital in their country upon completion of the fellowship, with the aim of imparting the new skills and knowledge learnt, for the good of their community.
  8. Funded: Yes
  9. Programme director or contact person, contact details
    Dr Amos Loh
    Senior Consultant,
    Department of Paediatric Surgery, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital
    Assistant Professor, Surgery ACP & SingHealth Duke NUS Global Health Institute, Duke-NUS Medical School
    Email: amos.loh.h.p@singhealth.com.sg