1. Objective
    • Develop the scientific programs for the IPSO’s annual congress and all other IPSO meetings held jointly with other organizations.
  2. Composition
    • The committee shall comprise of 9 members.
    • The Chairman is a member of the Executive Council. For continuity of the policy, the retiring Chairman shall remain on the Committee for the next two years as the ex officio co-Chair.
    • The rest of the members shall be members of the Executive Council.
  3. Responsibilities
    • The Chair and co-Chair of the Program Committee shall be responsible for the development of the scientific program of the IPSO meetings. The programs shall be submitted to the Executive Council for approval.
    • The Program Committee shall assist the Chair in the development of the scientific programs.
    • The Program Committee shall be appointed to the SIOP’s Scientific Program Advisory Committee (SPAC), and shall review and score the submitted abstracts when assigned.
    • The Chair of the Program Committee shall concurrently be appointed as IPSO’s representative on the Scientific Committee of SIOP.
  4. Meetings
    • The Program Committee shall meet as often as required.