Every 4 years IPSO joins the American Pediatric Surgical Association (APSA) to run a joint paediatric oncology symposium alongside the annual APSA Congress. The next joint symposium will be on 2016, in San Diego. The dates for the Congress, including the Oncology Symposium, are 14-16 May 2016. Please put these dates in your diary now. This is an excellent opportunity for your work to be seen – and discussed – by a larger and more geographically diverse group of peers and leaders in paediatric surgery. Abstracts are now being accepted for both the IPSO-APSA Symposium and the APSA Congress: Submit your abstract using this link.


apsa ipso annual meeting


There are a number of awards or scholarships available to support surgeons who submit abstracts to the Annual APSA Congress, including an award specifically to help overseas delegates from lower income countries. Information about APSA awards can be found here. Abstract submissions will be accepted through October 1, 2015, but don’t wait too long to begin the process.