Princess Maxima Center of Pediatric Oncology

  1. Name of institution: Princess Maxima Center for Pediatric Oncology
  2. Type of Programme
    1. Is this a Paediatric Surgical Oncology Programme? Yes
    2. Is this part of a Paediatric General Surgery Programme? No, but in the adjacent university hospital there is a surgical unit that we work closely with and access/collaboration is easy
  3. Duration of Programme: 1 year, hands-on or 6 months’ and 6 weeks’ observership
  4. Hands-on? Yes
  5. Brief description of Programme (Limit 250 words)
    A centralized oncology hospital for children. 600 new cases per annum. All tumors are treated except retinoblastoma. Around 180 solid tumors per annum. 2 ORs in session per day, including orthopaedics and neurosurgery. It is possible to scrub in, but no unsupervised operations are possible. Possibilities for research are ample. For the 12-month fellowship a language course is mandatory, paid for by the center.
    Unfortunately there is no payment for the fellow available.
  6. Application
    1. Open application – No commencement date
    2. Limited to matched paediatric surgery programmes: no
  7. Entry Requirements: Paediatric surgeon with some experience in oncology
  8. Funded – No
  9. Programme director or contact person, contact details: Marc Wijnen,