Pediatric Oncology Institute – GRAACC – Federal University of São Paulo

  1. Name of institution: Pediatric Oncology Institute – GRAACC – Federal University of São Paulo
  2. Type of Programme
    1. Is this a Paediatric Surgical Oncology Programme? Yes
    2. Is this part of a Paediatric General Surgery Programme? No
  3. Duration of Programme: 1 year (fellowship). It is also possible to arrange observership visits for shorter periods.
  4. Hands-on? Yes
  5. Brief description of Programme (Limit 250 words)
    The Pediatric Oncology Institute -GRAACC is reference for pediatric oncology in Brazil and Latin America. The institution is able to provide survival rates similar to those reached in high income countries, contributing significantly to lower the survival gap that existed previously in Brazil. Wilms Tumor survival rate is 84.7%, for instance.
    The hospital treats 450 new pediatric oncology cases a year; 35,279 clinic visits; 22,636 chemotherapy sessions; 31,200 image studies; 2,700 surgical procedures a year; is able to perform high complexity surgical procedures in various subspecialties (pediatric surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedics, thorax etc) and is reference to bone marrow transplantation.
    The institution has graduated pediatric oncology specialists in diverse areas that now provide adequate care in all regions of Brazil.
  6. Application
    1. Open application
      Application: February
      Commencement: May
  7. Entry Requirements:
    1. Is a pediatric surgeon
    2. Applicants for fellowship must be able to fulfil the requirements for medical registration in Brazil; these are not necessary for observership
    3. Valid medical insurance
    4. Visa
    5. Be fluent in English; it is also advisable to have basic Portuguese knowledge
    6. Be able to deal with housing and food costs
  8. Funded – No
  9. Programme director or contact person, contact details:
    Prof Dr Simone de Campos Vieira Abib MD, PhD
    Head of Pediatric Surgical Oncology – Pediatric Oncology Institute – GRAACC – Federal University of São Paulo