Presentations Boston 2010

Listed below are the oral and poster presentations from the 2010 annual IPSO congress, held in Boston Massachusetts.

The presentations which you can access are highlighted.

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Oral Presentations

  • O002: VATS (Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery)- the option in oncological surgery of thorax in children. Krzysztof Bronowicki et al, Poland
  • O004: Time of presentation of pulmonary metastases in the prognosis of paediatric patients with osteosarcoma: a single institution experience. Jose Palacios el al, Mexico
  • O005: Malignant germ cell tumors- outcome analysis. Yogesh Sarin, India
  • O006: Neuroendocrine tumours (NET)of the appendix in children and adolescents- results and recommendation of the GPOH-MET 97 trial. Peter Vorwerk et al, Germany
  • O007: Experience with the management of incidentally diagnosed appendices carcinoids. Michael La Quaglia, United States
  • O008: Risk of malignancy index for preoperative evaluation of paediatric ovarian tumours. Amos Loh et al, Singapore
  • O009: Thyroid cancer in children: experience and outcome. Gloriamaria Gonzalez et al, United States/Chile
  • O015: Surgical management after high-dose chemotherapy with hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for paediatric malignancies. Takaharu Oue et al, Japan
  • O016: Central venous catheter placement in children with newly diagnosed acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL): is early placement advisable? Gloiamaria Gonzalez et al, United States
  • O017: Incidents and complication of totally implanted vascular access devices: a prospective study. Jean-Marc Joseph et al, Switzerland
  • O018: Spinal cord compression in children with Wilms tumour. Larry Hadley et al, South Africa
  • O019: Superior vena cava syndrome in mediastinal tumors. Sushmita Bhatnagar et al, India
  • O032: Effect of factors related to surgery on local recurrence in Wilms tumour. El-Sayed Khalil et al, Egypt
  • O033: Decision analysis to compare treatment options for stage I intermediate-risk Wilms tumour. Denis Cozzi et al, Italy
  • O034: Associazione Italiana Ematologia Oncologia Pediatrica (AIEOP) Wilms tumor 2003 protocol: surgery-related aspects. Luigi Piva et al, Italy
  • O035: Renal function outcomes after nephrectomy or nephron-sparing surgery for unilateral renal tumor in childhood. Denis Cozzi et al, Italy
  • O036: Renal function in the treatment of bilateral Wilms tumours. Maximilian Stehr et al, Germany
  • O037: Clinico-pathologic findings predictive of relapse in children with stage III favourable histology Wilms tumour: the importance of lymph nodes. Peter Ehrlich et al, United States (IPSO prize winner)
  • O056: Neuroblastoma: does the decrease in tumour volume under preoperative chemotherapy predict the lymph nodes status at surgery? Jan Godzinski et al, Poland/Netherlands/Germany/France/Italy/Sweden
  • O057: Neuroblastoma: a 20-year experience in a UK regional centre. Adeline Salim et al, United Kingdom
  • O058: Does surgery have a role in the treatment of local relapsed rhabdomyosarcoma? experience of the Italian STS committee. Federica De Corti et al, Italy
  • O059: First line liver transplantation for hepatoblastoma after chemotherapy. Geraldine Hery et al, France
  • O084: lipoblastoma in childhood. Ali Varan et al, Turkey
  • O085: Surgical specificity of soft tissue sarcomas located in the thorax wall: experience of the Polish paediatric solid tumour study group. Dominika Kulej et al, Poland
  • O086: Treatment and outcome of paediatric patients suffering from perineal/perianal rhabdomyosarcoma- results from the cooperative soft tissue sarcoma studies CWS-86, -91, -96 and -2002P. Guido Seitz et al, Germany
  • O087: Perianal/perineal rhabdomyosarcoma, a very rare malignant disease in childhood: results of the SIOP MMT studies (MMT 84-89-95). Timothy Rogers et al, United Kingdom/France
  • O088: Abdominal inflammatory pseudotumors in the pediatric population- a single institution’s experience, Charmain Zhao et al, Singapore
  • O093: Diagnosis and treatment of pancreaticoduodenal tumour in children. Huanmin Wang, China
  • O094: Surgical and clinical characteristics of paediatric pancreatoblastoma- report of the European Cooperative Study Group on Pediatric Rare Tumors (EXPERT). Ewe Bien et al, Poland/France/Italy/Germany/United Kingdom
  • O095: Malignant liver tumours in children: our 10-year experience. Joyce Horng Ying Chua et al, Singapore
  • O096: Outcomes of resection, reconstruction and rehabilitation of pediatric mandible and maxilla tumors. Sajid Qureshi et al, India
  • O097: Endoscopic surgery in children’s oncology. Andrey Volobuev et al, Russian Federation

Poster Presentations

  • PW010: Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis- 20 years of surgical follow-up highlights the devastating long-term sequelae. Allison Murdoch et al, United Kingdom
  • PW015: Classification of intracaval tumor thrombus in Wilms tumor facilitates planning and resection: thrombectomy or cavectomy. Sajid Qureshi et al, India
  • PW012: Congenital infantile fibrosarcoma: rare diagnosis with good prognosis? German 3 year experience and literature review. Annika Krickhahn et al, Germany

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