Education Day: Hong Kong 2013

These are the presentations which were given at the pre-meeting Education Day in Hong Kong, the day before the 2013 IPSO Congress

The presentations which you can access will be highlighted in blue.

Hepatic & Pancreatic Tumours

  • Over view of diagnosis and treatment of paediatric liver tumours
  • Liver resection for paediatric liver tumour
  • The role of liver transplantation for unresectable tumour
  • Pancreatic tumour: what are the surgical options

Vascular/Lymphatic Malformations

  • Overview of the clinical management of vascular/lymphatic malformation
  • Multidisciplinary approach on the management of vascular/lymphatic malformation

Evidence-based medicine for childhood tumours

  • Systematic review & meta-analysis for paediatric childhood tumour
  • Molecular-based risk stratification of neuroblastoma and its clinical implications

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